Histogen is a regenerative medicine company with multiple product candidates in clinical development addressing underserved, multibillion dollar global markets. The Company’s patented technology focuses on replacing and regenerating tissues in the body with materials that have been shown to support human cell growth and differentiation. Histogen’s technology has potential therapeutic benefit in multiple treatment settings to include skin care, orthopedic indications such as cartilage formation and spinal disc repair, wound healing and dermal fillers.

Histogen has raised $38M in equity, the majority of which has been used to develop and optimize its proprietary manufacturing process, submit patents in a number of countries, and refine and advance its products. The Company intends to build on previous clinical experience through completion of U.S. clinical trials of its hair growth, joint cartilage and dermal filler products in 2020 and 2021.

On October 22, 2019 Chairman and CEO Richard Pascoe will present an overview of Histogen’s technology and development pipeline during the live Bio Investor Forum. A preview of the presentation is available here, and will be webcast live at

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Eileen Brandt
Director of Corporate Communications


Market Highlights:

$3.6 billion is spent on hair loss in the U.S., with limited treatment options currently available

1.2 million patients receive dermal fillers in the U.S., a market that is continuing to see rapid growth

17.5 million patients are considering joint cartilage repair, and no currently available treatments regenerate hyaline cartilage