Michael P. Zimber, Ph.D.

Director of Applied Research

Dr. Michael Zimber brings to Histogen over 15 years of diverse experience in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry with a multi-disciplinary background in early phase discovery, preclinical development and translational phases of therapeutic development. He began his scientific career studying developmental biology conducting research on tissue pattern formation and amphibian limb regeneration.

At Synbiotics Corp, he worked on creating monoclonal antibody-based protein therapeutics, and later joined the bioengineering group, which subsequently became UniSyn Technologies, designing, constructing and optimizing hollow fiber mammalian cell bioreactor systems. His capability for cell and tissue engineering was demonstrated at Advance Tissue Sciences (ATS) where he developed and characterized bioengineered tissue-polymer constructs for human therapeutic applications. During his tenure at ATS, he successfully created novel in vitro techniques and bioreactor systems to generate a human dermal equivalent, Dermagraft®, which was approved and commercialized for a variety of human clinical conditions. Also while at ATS, he lead the development of three-dimensional, tissue engineered articular cartilage, vascular, central nervous system, and dermal-epithelial tissue constructs. He continued these interests at Desmos Inc., by producing methods of pancreatic beta cell isolation and growth using novel extracellular matrix products. In addition to his in vitro expertise, Dr. Zimber has extensive preclinical experience in regenerative medicine gained as a Scientist and Director of Preclinical Modeling at Acorda Therapeutics. In these roles, he oversaw the research laboratory and projects while conducting preclinical safety and efficacy trials of small molecule and biological therapeutics using experimental models of spinal cord injury, stroke, heart failure and cardiovascular disease.

Dr. Zimber received a Ph.D. in neuroscience from Washington State University, and a B.S. in biological sciences from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He is the inventor on several patents, and has numerous peer-reviewed publications and presentations in regenerative medicine, cell biology and neuroscience. He is affiliated with several professional societies including the American Society for Cell Biology, the Society for Neuroscience, National Neurotrauma Society, and Society for Regenerative Medicine.