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Through Histogen's proprietary technology process that mimics the embryonic environment, including very low oxygen and suspension, newborn cells are encouraged to naturally produce vital proteins and growth factors which are characteristic of young, rapidly developing tissue. From this process, Histogen extracts two products - a soluble human cell conditioned media (CCM) and an insoluble human extracellular matrix (hECM) material - each with a variety of applications addressing a broad range of markets which are both underserved, and expected to grow.

Investors have a unique opportunity to make an early-stage investment in products and technology that have passed the "proof of principle" stage, thus reducing risk and at the same time accelerating timelines to commercialization. Histogen's one technology, two products, numerous applications model offers a continuum of product introduction opportunities, from lead applications such as hair regrowth and skincare to longer timeline therapeutic applications including oncology and wound care.

Histogen successfully completed a $10M Series A financing round in December 2010. The Company is currently raising a Series B round, which has been approved up to $23M, and commitments to that round have been received. These funds will support the Histogen's upcoming clinical trials, up-scaled manufacturing, and ongoing research.

For more information about investment opportunities please contact:

Eileen Naughton Brandt
Director of Corporate Communications
858.200.9520 x106

Tissue Growth Factors Market Highlights:

  • Histogen is entering at a time when this market is in the early stage of development
  • The market is estimated to grow at an annual rate of 28.9%
  • Global growth factors market is expected to reach $36B by 2015
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